Well now, wasn't that fun. I'm still waiting for the review and the game to go the other way. And I'm glad Diggs didn't drill a ref with the no look helmet toss - looked unsafe. And now what to think about Sunday's tilt, welp, the weatherman has pulled the chance of rain out of the forecast and looks to be around mid 40's and wind around 8 MPH or so - which is good, I guess. Although, a driving rain, 6 to 3 game would be fun too. I'm thinking it all comes down to QB play and scheming. I would think if Casey plays OK with no major mistakes, it might work out - Vegas confirms and has the Vikes as the favorite, then again they had Atlanta the favorite there this past weekend too. I suspect Zim will look at the pass chart of Foles and say, 'if they are going to beat us, make him beat us deep.' So I would expect the Vikings defense to crowd the line, pulling the safeties down low and make Foles throw the mid to long range passes and until Foles proves he can, that will be how it's played. The Eagles have a pretty good defense so special teams might have to score for the Vikings to win, let's hope so. Skol!