Big tilt tomorrow against the L.A. Rams - time to see what the Vikings are made of. Casey Casum keeps looking like Johnny Unitas, well for a bit and then throws two klunkers back to back, WTH was that? That's second string QB stuff, wait, he is the second string. Maybe third. He also had a couple of badly thrown balls in the first half that were lucky enough not to be close to any defender - I was kind of giggling when they were bragging up his first half passer rating. It wouldn't shock me to see Teddy here at some point. Imagine if those klunkers were on the first 2 drives, that would have been a totally different game. Then again, if I would have had 2 more aces I would have beat your flush. Think on that analogy.

Talk is it will be a big defensive game but I'm not so sure. If Ever Sunny Son Griffen isn't 100% at right DE, it's going to be a long day for the Vikings, especially with Sendajo out. Harris doesn't do much for me and Kearse seems more like a linebacker than a DB. The RT is out again so hopefully Hill isn't noticeable, which means he will have a good game. Maybe Zim can come up with some confusing defensive schemes for the young Rams QB, seems like there might be some up tempo stuff from the Rams (college like, I say) so plan your beer runs to the fridge accordingly. Maybe get the cooler from the garage and just put that next to the recliner.

I'm hoping to see the Vikings do a Double Dutch Jump Rope bit if they score a TD, with the scorer in the middle skipping rope. That would be almost as good as the CFL Limbo celebration. (Google it.)