Preseason game 1 is in the books - not sure there is much there for Vikings fans to be all giddy about. The 1st string defense looked like a sieve on run defense. Starting CB gets hurt on the first play - ouch. The 1st string O line didn't look very good. I did think Casey Cassum looked pretty good as a backup QB - HidetheKey not so much. We got a glimpse of the second coming of Teddy Brown, what's his name? Alvin Cook. He didn't have anything worth noting in the run game. I will say he has some nice hands - WR like hands. Reminds me of Ricky Young a little (who? google it!). Big battle for Chad Greenway's old spot at LB - the media is bragging up 42, didn't see much there. I thought 50 was the best LB on the field by far, minus the dropped INT. Besides the backup QB, about the only other person that jumped out on offense was 13. Oh yes, and Michael Floyd looks like he can run some great routes, some great separation but we will have to wait until game 5 to see that due to his suspension. Hopefully he behaves himself with that time off. Up next are the Seahawks with Russell Wilson, Pete Carol, and Jim Zorn - should be a good test of the Vikings O line too.