Can't take waiting for Bnag to blog anymore - it's the start of training camp for Cripe's Sake! And the last one in Mankato - feel sorry for the Albatross. Where to start? Well, last year was 8 & 8, so let's start with that in mind and we'll maybe do a little compare and contrast. As always, keep in mind that injuries are big reason why some things don't play out as planned. See Teddy's knee.

Offense: QB: will be about the same, if not worse if Barn Ford gets hurt. Casey Kasem does nothing for me, unless it's the voice of Scooby Doo, the one with Jerry Reed in it singing "Pretty Mary Sunlight" - that was AWESOME! Big Al thinks Taylor HideTheKey will be something - not sure about that but Big Al forgot more about football than most know. I just worry how smart can HideTheKey be if you put your foot through a glass door because you don't have the key. Come on - that's stupid. O-Line: Has to be better. The new OTs do nothing for me but are better than how last year spilled out. TE: About the same. WR: I'm thinking has to be a little better. RB: Can't be worse than last year but not buying Alvin Cook is the second coming of Jim Teddy Brown. Overall comparison of the offense, offense can't be worse than last year and has to be better. Has to be.

Defense: DL: Pretty decent bunch and expect about same this year from last. I've got Danielle Hunter having a huge year. (Seems like one of those names were you either have to get tough or die - see Johnny Cash song, Boy Named Sue.) LB: Same if not worse - Barr was off a bit off last year and Kendricks is pretty good. Other than that - it's No Names - which is concerning. Maybe someone will step up here but I'm not convinced. DB: Same if not worse - not sure there is an upgrade here from last year unless some maturity helps, could be. Overall comparison for defense - same as last year.

Special Teams: Rod Chester's Finest, Mr. Marcus Sherels surely can't be as good as last year. That is said every year but I believe it this year. Corduroy Patterson is gone like the parties at The End of The World, and with that said, I can't see anyone doing better than he did. Overall comparison - worse.

Now with all that said, I see about the same record as last year. Remember last year, games were won by good defense and good special teams. I don't see the special teams winning any games this year but the offense should be a little better which should nullify the difference between last year's Special Teams compared to this years. Optimistically, 9 - 7 record but more likely 8 and 8 again. Could be the end of the Mike Zimmer era. Or just maybe, 11 and 5 and the beginning of the domination of the NFC North! SKOL!!!!!!!!!!