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Good stuff here as usual - waiting to hear thoughts on the latest Packer to join the Purple, Datone Jones. Datone? I think we all know how great it works when a Packer comes to the Vikings. I can see Skeddy getting a list together on this.

On another note BNAG - what you thinking with 2nd round pick? Kind of takes the buzz out of the draft - do they have a draft party if they don't have a pick in the first round? I was thinking RB, but then thought, hey, it's going to be McKinnon's year. Then I thought hey, with Courdaroy Patterson going to Oakland maybe a WR, but then remembered how well that WR in the 1st round worked out last year. Then I thought, HEY!, linebacker. With Greenway retiring they should go after a LB in round 2 - worked with Kendricks.

I'll hang up and listen.........................

Outstanding restaurant-quality question Nort.

It appears to me that with these recent acquisitions, The Rickster is looking at the draft with "position flexibility" in mind. When I say "position flexibility", I punctuate it with Matt Foley motivational speaker arm gestures and a trouser repositioning.

Plenty of tailbacks in the draft, so they could wait til round 3 or 4 on one, depending on draft flow.

Best player available, regardless of position, is my move.