I think the list of former Packers jumping ship to play for the purple has to be about as lengthy as former Bears. The lists are long and the results are similar. Not good. Burt Farve has a one year exception in 2009. I have cat hair to comb outta the carpet so to take the time to list them counteracts my productivity.

Good news section! Vikes sign Adam "hooked on a" Thielen to a 3 year, $11 million deal. Quite the raise since he could barely afford personalized license plates last year while earning a paltry $600k. Former Raider bullback Latavious Murray also signed. He's 6'3" and 230. Not gonna break a long one but can catch it outta the backfield and occasionally pick up a blitzing linebacker or strong safety. Something we're not accustomed to around here.

I'm holding off securing my tickets to the "Big Game" at US Bank Stadium next year. If the O-Line doesn't improve drastically, it could be much of the same in 2017-18.