Now what - Boone at Left Tackle? Vikings O line wasn't that good to start with and now with them going through 5 tackles things are not good. I don't know that a team can make a playoff run with that mess. Not many 6.5 feet tall guys that are over 300 pounds on the face of the earth (one in Le Sueur though) so now the Vikings plucked a guy off of Jacksonville's practice squad - Roshod Hill. Not sure what he looks like at Tackle, but with how things are going we could see him Sunday! Just saying, finding a Tackle is WAY harder than a kicker, which the new guy beat out 6 others. Six! Lots of kickers in the rolodex. (Dad, what's a rolodex? Google it.)

Zimmer talking tough in the press this week so I expect a VERY aggressive defense this Sunday. Hopefully Rochester's finest, Marcus Wiest Sherels, is back returning punts as the blue print for a Vikings win seems to be good defense (getting a couple TO's) and a score from Special Teams. If they can get that, they win. If it's on the offense to win the game, that's going to be tough row to hoe. Prediction - new kicker kicks the game winner for the Vikings.