Well now, who saw this start for the Vikings coming besides maybe Skeddy who looks at the world through Rose Colored Glasses. At this rate the Vikings will win the Super Bowl and be undefeated. OK - probably not happening, the undefeated piece, but Super Bowl? The Bandwagon is getting some riders for that.

Signing Long was another stroke of genius by Rick Spellman or maybe not if Long gets hurt. But Jimminy Christmas Clemmings has been not good at left tackle. With the O line the way it is, fans should hope Sum Barnford don't get hurt. Speaking of him, if this continues Teddy might have thrown his last pass in Purple. Wow, what a start. Remember the days of Donovan McNugget? Makes me cringe. Kind of the polar opposite from former Eagle QBs.

Speaking of Eaglets, big tilt Sunday. It should be interesting what kind of schemes Don Zimmer has planned for the Dakota Kid, Wertz. Just my gut feeling, but Zimmer will probably make the Dakota Kid finally look like a rookie. Plus, Barnford should be able to steal a few signals and calls to help the defense out. If one isn't cheating you're not trying. (Kids, I'm not your role model! Or is it roll model? Wait, I think I could be a roll model. Pour me some coffee.)

Super Bowl Home Boy!!!!