Ugly for sure - don't know what 99 was thinking when he scooped up the fumble, as every kid that played for the old ball coach here in Hooterville yelled, "Fall on it!" Then said good play. (Discipline yourself so others don't have to.)

Packer week is always fun, Packers WRs getting ripped for not getting open this past weekend which means they will be coming into the Dome with something to prove. Not good Vikings fans. Xavier Roads with trick knee, not good. D line will need to play much better.

The offense made a few plays but will need bigger and better against the pack. I fully expect to see Sum Barnford against the pack. Look for some long passes to "stretch" the defense and Benny Hill can't do that. Don't be surprised to see courdaroy Patterson on some fly routes which might get the running game going. Maybe. O line needs to play way better also.

I'm not expecting much - might be a tune up game for the Barnford. SKOL.