I've listed the previous 30 first round draft picks by the Vikings. The ones highlighted in bold are, in my opinion, first round flops. Nine out of 30 first round picks have been flops which is 30%. Us giving up a first round pick for Bradford is worth it. They're never a guarantee. Let's surround the current talent we have now with a QB that at least has the potential to do well and not just be a game manager. Bradford had zero protection with the Rams and Chip Kelly's flashcard offense in Philly was just plain dumb. Hopefully he can stay healthy. Hey Bnag you NEED to post that Troy Williamson photo you once had.

1993 21 Robert Smith RB Ohio State
1994 18 Dewayne Washington CB NCST
~19 Todd Steussie OT California
1995 11 Derrick Alexander DE Florida State
~24 Korey Stringer OT Ohio State
1996 16 Duane Clemons LB California
1997 20 Dwayne Rudd LB Alabama
1998 21 Randy Moss WR Marshall
1999 11 Daunte Culpepper QB Central FL
~29 Dimitrius Underwood DE Mich State
2000 25 Chris Hovan DT Boston Coll
2001 27 Michael Bennett RB Wisconsin
2002 7 Bryant McKinnie OT Miami
2003 9 Kevin Williams DT Oklahoma St
2004 20 Kenechi Udeze DE USC (Cancer)
2005 7 Troy Williamson WR S Carolina
~18 Erasmus James DE Wisconsin
2006 17 Chad Greenway LB Iowa
2007 7 Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
2009 22 Percy Harvin WR Florida
2011 12 Christian Ponder QB Florida State
2012 4 Matt Kalil OT USC
~29 Harrison Smith S Notre Dame
2013 23 Sharrif Floyd DT Florida
~25 Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State
~29 Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee
2014 9 Anthony Barr LB UCLA
~32 Teddy Bridgewater QB Louisville
2015 11 Trae Waynes CB Michigan St
2016 23 Laquon Treadwell WR Ole Miss