Well......that escalated quickly.

Vikes trade next year's 1st rounder and a 4th rounder (turn's to a 2nd rounder if they win the Superb Owl) for Eagles quarterback Sam Binford.

Sam is pretty fragile, having blown out the same knee twice and has a left shoulder made out of balsa wood. However.....his throwing arm is still on his torso and it works.

Phil Camel texted me the news while I was in "study hall", and I must admit, I threw the toilet paper roll against the shower door with great vim and vigor in disgust.

But after breaking down miles of game tape a few UTube videos on Binford, I've been feeling more upbeat about the acquisition. He's got a very strong arm, and it's accurate. His pass catchers in Philly did him no favors, as they were consistently ranked at the bottom of the league in dropped passes. Give Binford some pass protection and he'll be ok. I think. Hopefully.

As far as the lost 1st rounder goes, no concern there. They've had 9 of them in the last 6 or so years anyway.

Go team.