Nort, I'm with ya on the o-line. They fix that, and Teddy Throwsevelt will make the jump. Teddy was the most pressured QB in the league last year.

I'd be surprised if Loadholt makes the team. He was never very nimble when healthy, and is now trying to squeeze out another year on a repaired Achilles tendon.

Sullivan should make it if his back holds up. I think they would like to put Joe Berger back at the 3 interior line backup position and hope Sully stays healthy.

TJ Clemmings needs time. He was never supposed to play last year, but they were forced to when Load and Sully went down.

Matt Kalil enters his contract year. Scary thought.....does he improve just enough to make Spielman give him a fat new long term contract and then he returns to his matador ways?

I might have to get down to training camp at least once for some Angie's Kettle Corn and visit Chuck Foreman in his autograph booth again. Coax some old Viking stories out of him. He opens up when you tell him you're a Miami Hurricane fan.