BNAG - lots of hits on the Vikings talk here so the people need a bone from you to gnaw on as training camp is 1 week away. (1 week, you kidding me?) Nope.

I'm very interested in what is going to happen with the O line - that will probably be the biggest thing to watch during camp. I love Willie Beavers, (insert Jerry Burns sound bit here " I love Alfred Anderson") hoping that rookie makes the team. But big questions remain - will Loadholt and Sullivan come back from injury and look like they once did? Looks like the brass is betting not.

They sign Boone and Andre Smith so I'm thinking we are going to see a starter from last year not make the team, such as Loadholt, Sullivan, or TJ Clemmings. TJ has some upside but that was tough to watch at times last year.

Boone is bad man and just what the line needs - a guy that chews barbed wire and spits nails. Just hope he makes it through camp without really hurting someone as he will for sure be in some fights during camp.

Super Bowl Homeboy!