What a fun season of Vikings football - too bad Walsh snatched defeat from the jaws of victory - wide left. It's right up there with Disco Darren dropping the pass against the Skins back in the 80's. The beauty of all that is maybe next year will be the first time for the Super Bowl.

Interesting that Zimmer cans the O line coach considering AP got the rushing title - don't know if that's ever been done before. Tony Saprano is now the new coach - Parcells favorite guy, it's kind of like Parcells is running the team.

Draft day will be interesting - I don't know that drafting an O lineman is the right way to go even if that is the biggest need. I'm thinking cut Wallace and with the $ saved there go after someone like Richie Incognito - an experienced O lineman that's not a nice person. I'm thinking the O line could use a little nastiness. Then maybe draft a WR in the first round - probably could use a good running back too as AP will most definitely be on the decline next year.

The defense is pretty stout -evidence by one busted play by Seattle is what beat the Vikings. Need some depth and I would think the old guy Terrance Alan Newman won't be anywhere close to what he was this year. Might need to go after a CB in the second round of the draft or maybe a safety that can maybe play a little LB like Arizona does - that's a good look. Speaking of LB - Greenway wants to come back - I don't know, good guy but unless it's like at league minimum not sure about that.

The Vikings could also use a backup QB - when Shawn Benny Hill was in the game it was very Benny Hill like. RGIII would work. You heard that first here.

Just think if the Vikings would have won last weekend, they would have been playing during the comedy show that's in town tonight and that wouldn't have been good. And remember Vikings fans, when the Cheeseheads start spouting off remind them how the Vikings didn't jump around like a bunch of clowns after beating the Lions, like Erin Rogers and the Packers did. We're happy for ya.

Next year - right? Heck yes. The Vikings will win it all next year. Or maybe in couple when the Super Bowl is in Minneapolis. Makes me wonder how many Super Bowls were held in Green Bay - or Milwaukee for that matter. I'll have to google that. SKOL!