It's gonna be a slobberknocker...a brouhaha....a snotbubbler.

I remember my first bitterly cold game. Late in the season vs the Cleveland Clippers in their stadium. Must've around 25 degrees. As a sophomore, I was relegated to special teams only....mainly the kickoff team. (that's a big deal as a sophomore).

At one point during a kickoff I got my fingers between my helmet and a Clipper helmet during a collision. Not sure why my hand was up around my helmet during that time. Poor technique I reckon. Or I was trying to keep my too-big helmet from bobbling all over the place. (that's what sophomores get, helmets that are too big and uniform numbers that get halfway tucked into your football pants)

Anyway, it took awhile before I could feel my fingers. I think it was by Bucks Lake on the bus ride home.

That's what the Vikes need to do this Sunday. Get some Seahawk fingers between some helmets. Get a few of those and we're golden.