Big tilt Sunday, I dare say probably the biggest game of the year. Big, big game. No one gives the Vikings much of a chance at a win and I guess I don't see it either. The Vikings really struggle against teams with a good defense line and being it will be bitterly cold, the run game is what we will probably see.

Defensively for the Vikings the Seahawks have a wealth of weapons especially if they get Marsha Lynch back. The QB can run with the best of them I would suspect that Don Zimmer will have Crow Barr spy on Russ Wilson. I suspect about the only way the Vikings win is if Seattle turns the ball over about 3 times and the Vikings special teams comes through. Luckily, the game is being played on Sunday and as they say, any given Sunday. BTW - seats still available, I just saw on Shub Tub seats on the 50 yard line, 7 rows up for 150 clams. Wow. SKOL!