Well, that was an interesting run by the Vikes - I guess entertaining describes it better which is great for Vikings' fans. Nice to see a win at Lambo, which every other NFC Norris team did this year - YIKES. One of these days Teddy is going to be able to throw the long ball, wow does that look rough. I was glad to see at least one mis-direction and Mankato's Thielman get a big gain. They should run more of that. The play clock management when way ahead was horrible - gave away a good minute if not more.

On the bright side - nice fake punt. Good job of not stopping on the Erin turnover - the Cap't has come to play this year. I was a little disappointed the Vikings didn't blow up the QB on the turnover - think Floyd Peters a.k.a. Sargent Rock. And nice to see the kicker not miss any kicks.

The line for Sunday's tilt started out at 7 and is now down to 5.5. Lots of money put on the Vikings to cover as home dog thus the big swing. 3 out of 4 visiting teams this coming weekend are favorites. Game time TEMP prediction keeps dropping too - started at 15 and now down to 12 degrees.

Vikings' fans should enjoy the week. When those Packer fans start talking championships keep in mind they will NEVER know what it's like to think this year could be the first. And if their bitterness continues point out at least when the Vikings beat the Lions this year they didn't jump around like they had just won the Super Bowl. Seriously, Erin throws a pass at game's end for the win and they go bananas - it's the Lions for cripes sake! What a bunch of clowns - embarrassing. Wouldn't it be interesting to see the Vikings host the Pack for the NFC championship - could happen. Could happen that Jeff can go a day without admiring himself in the mirror, too. Not likely though. Anyhow, NFC Norris Champs - bam!