Okay first it's for all the funyuns. Then it's for all the marbles. What about Brent Cheeseburger's famous line "this is for allllll the tostitos"? I do like funyuns too even though they rip the roof of your mouth off like Cap'n Crunch does.

Here we go ladies and gentleman. Oh and cheesehead fans. Confidence is brimming in Norsemen land after two straight blowouts in the cold at home. Even though it was against teams not playing for more than their jobs. Still come on, they're pros!

Things may appear not as rosy in cheeseville after being shellacked at AZ. But until the purple defeats the green in a meaningful game again I'm not going to boast as much as I'd like too. Last one was the Ponder led Vikes win at home to clinch a playoff spot only to have to head back to Lameblow the next week. Joseph Webb didn't stand a chance. Before that you have to go back to '09 when Bert Farve embarrassed his former team twice. Man that was fun.

Playoff scenarios? Throw 'em out the door! To be the best you have to beat the best. Let's win the division and bring a wild card game to the Bank. Seahawks Schmehawks. Scotch Schmotch. I'll have some of that Schmotch!

Vikes-27, Packers-18