Oh my - Sunday night's game is for all the marbles. Bnag is thinking defense and what kind of blitz packages Zim might have for the injury riddled Packer's O line and I'm thinking when is Norm going to figure out the Vikings should be running more mis-direction with AP as the decoy. Last week's game was the perfect example, Jared McKinnon goes for about 40 on an AP fake mis-direction reverse. (Called back by holding penalty.) I'm thinking flea flicker bomb to Mike Wallace should be the opening play for the Vikings' offense.

As far as who wins Sunday, until the Vikings beat the Packers I'm thinking the Packers win. The Vikings have a way of making Erin look like the second coming of Johnny Unitas, and he might be, but he hasn't looked like that lately. In fact last week I thought Erin was concussed, either that or it is was tears of defeat as a Kleenex was needed. Should be interesting if Sunday is bounce back game for Erin.

Either way it will work out, Vikings lose this Sunday only to go back to Green Bay for a win. (NFL teams can never beat another 3 times in one year - you heard that first here.) Or the Vikings win and play host to the Seahawks - the beauty of that would be a game in below average January temperatures in Minnesota. That would be great advertising for the MN dept. of Tourism! I guess the third option is Vikings lose and Seattle loses (my personal favorite) and a trip to Washington. (or WaRshinton as the old coach would say.) Facing RGIII would be scary though.

BTW - Bnag - I love Funyons, don't get me wrong but TGI Fridays Onion Rings sold at Maynards is the way to go. And it ain't Bob Schnelker's fault. I loooove Alfred Anderson..................

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