Oh yes, interesting game Sunday night, especially now that Giants star receiver Adele Beckham is suspended for a game for going postal last time out and the refs too afraid to kick him out. The NFL sure looks silly after all that unfolded with no one taking control, from the refs, to the veteran players of the Giants and especially the head coach. Hard to imagine the old football coach from Henderson putting up with such selfish and nutball behavior.

Quite the quandary for the Vikings Sunday if the Packers lose. Do they sit Harrison Ford and Crow Barr? Maybe rest some guys by playing 9 guys against the Giants' 11 just to make it fair as Adele isn't playing. I have confidence that Erin Rogers will lead the Pack to victory forcing the Vikings' hand to actually care. I have the Vikings winning Sunday night and the following Sunday at Green Bay. After that they will win at the Redskins while Seattle runs the table making for a NFC championship game against the Seahawks at TCF bank during a January blizzard.

Back to this Sunday, temps should be in the 10 to 15 degree range - oh how fun to watch that? I'm guessing the stands will be half empty or maybe 1/4 blaze orange. The Giants' D line isn't very good so I would expect a Vikings win, assuming the Pack win. If the Pack lose, all bets are off as it really doesn't matter.