Really expect a knuckle buster on Sunday night. The Giants are fighting for their playoff existence, and the Vikings are nearly assured of a playoff birth, so it'll be interesting what kind of effort they put forth. Also, if the Packners lose to the St. Louis Cardinals in the afternoon it means the Vikings can still lose, but then still win the next week at Lameblow Field against the Packners and claim the NFC Central Division banner, which coach Zimmer has said he wants to hang somewhere. What will really come into question is if the starters only play the first couple series and then they put in the B-team so they are healthy for next week? Lots of soft tissue issues that can be healed up with a little rest.

Expect the Vikings to put forth a great effort for the final regular season home match. If the Packners lose then maybe it'll get interesting as we reach to the bench, that coupled with the idea that the Giants are desperate to save their season and you can anticipate that the Giants are going to come out fighting, like backing some sort of mean animal into a corner. The Giants will fight to the end, and a couple late touchdowns will make caution in the wind moving forward but the Vikings hang on 48-20.