Bnag - some interesting tidbits there - what immediately comes to mind is the old coach's philosophy - defense wins championships. The 71 team won like 78.5% of the games so take that across a 16 game season and using Henderson math - that's 12 or 13 wins. Granted the defense of today is no Purple Poodle Eaters, especially with the Barr and Harrison Ford out of the line up, but I'd rather watch that then say a Phillip Rivers team that throws a bunch of TD's to wide receivers. Or say a Jay Cutler team that throw a bunch of TD's to wide receivers.

Speaking of Cutler, big bad Bears are in town tomorrow. That should make for a few fights in the stands, hard to argue against the '85 Bears. If it was me I would say to the Chicago guy, you got me there. Anyhow, it will be interesting what Vikings team shows up, the one that got pounded by the Seahawks or the one that had the Morel Victory in Arizona couple Thursdays ago. New coach John Grey Fox is trying to instill his brand on the team so don't expect da Bears to roll over and play dead. If Cutler can throw a couple balls to the Vikings, and assuming the Vikings can catch said balls, I would expect a Vikings win and AP to have about a buck fifty in rushing yards. And no TD's for the Vikings' wide outs. As Al Davis said once, just win baby. (Or was that Davis Love? Or maybe Lovey Smith?) Kind of too bad it wouldn't be like 20 degrees tomorrow and a blizzard. Darn El Need No is kind of wrecking Minnesota's outdoor December football.