Big win by the purple Sunday - Zimmer keeps working his magic with the defense. After being burned by the blitz a few times he dials it back and lets old man Newman (Newman!) play his game and he comes up big. AP doesn't quite look like MVP AP but he still looks above average. 84 has looked like heck all year but comes up big with a return for TD - it was better blocking than running so the credit should go to the other guys on the field at that time.

It's an entertaining team to watch and kind of reminds me of the Bud Grant teams - good defense, don't make mistakes on offense and try and squeeze out special teams play that is a game changer. BTW - Scherels is probably the best all around special teams player on punts ever as he is very dynamic on kicking and receiving. Rochester Minnesota's finest.

Packer week is always fun and that much more fun when the purple stand a chance of beating the dreaded Cheese in Green. Let's hope Erin Rodgers keeps playing like he has the last couple weeks else all the closet Packer fans will be clucking next week. Cluckers.

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