Wow - another good performance by the Vikes this past week. Another game of were the D put the hurt on the QB - Rivers is a pretty tough cat to take some of those hits he did. It should be interesting if the D puts the hurt on Payton Manning this week. He is very well respected by all and with the Bronco's O line is also thin, like the Chargers' O line was. It will be interesting if there are any snot knockers handed out by the Vikings. (That's one of the old coach's term - snot knocker.)

AP had flashes of the old AP and the Broncos' defense right now is one of the best in the league, so something has to give. I have a feeling it's going to be AP and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Broncos crowd the line and see if Teddy can beat them while dealing with the crowd noise in Denver.

The line started at 4 and has quickly gone to Broncos favored by 6.5. The over under is 43. The over under again seems low but again we are staying away from that. Last time there was a big jump with the line we went with the money, this time we're going to try the opposite and are putting 30 clams on the Vikings to cover but I wouldn't bet on a win. Current bankroll is at $60.

For those looking for easy money, take a look at the Raiders @ Bears, Raiders favored by 3. With the Bears trading away players and Cutler nursing a sore hammy (wink, wink), take the Raiders to cover. Not sure I would bet the farm but one might want to bet the seldom used tractor in the corner of the machine shed.