All around better performance last week - but the Chargers will be a big challenge this Sunday. Rivers is a pretty gosh darn good QB and Wisconsin's Melvin Flash Gordon is as good as any rookie RB in the league. At WR, there is Eddie Royal - who can be a royal pain in the caboose. The Vikings defense will certainly have their hands full. Interesting enough last week, Chad Greenway only played 16 snaps so it looks like he might be on the way out to pasture, been a nice run for the farm kid for Dakota. One thing to watch will be the O line of the Chargers, they are dinged up which might be tipping point for the game.

The Chargers defense doesn't strike fear in anyone but the 3 4 defense can be a struggle for the Vikings. Old Norm Turner will be facing his former team from 2012 so one should expect an early Halloween on the gridiron Sunday, as Norman opens up his bag of tricks. AP looked decent last week, which was evident when the Vikings called the boot leg and the Lions sent 9 guys to tackle the empty handed AP as Teddy waltzed into the end zone for the TD. I'm hoping to see Diggs this Sunday, he's been a healthy scratch the last couple weeks.

I was thinking of taking the underdog Chargers and 2 points but now I'm going with the Vikings and betting $20. Bankroll currently at $40. We're staying away from the over under as betting that the last two weeks was like throwing money down a rat hole. Look for Steinborn at the game - he'll be the one with the big head.