Oh no, that was ugly Monday night. Yonkers. The O - line has a lot of work to do and AP looked like Jared McKinnon and McKinnon looked like AP. Kind of made me wonder why McKinnon didn't get more carries - 6.7 yards per carry average. Are you McKiddin'? - No. Teddy did OK - about as good one could with the protection like it was. And the defense didn't look like a Don Zimmer defense - the middle linebacker spot is not good. Still think Kendricks should get the start over Geraldine - but Zimmer knows defense. Right?

The bank roll took a big hit - never bet big first week. Weather for Sunday's tilt looks great so one should again expect a high scoring game - Megatron, neutrons, protons. Interestingly enough, the Vikings are favored by 2.5, so Vegas must think they aren't as bad as they looked. In true Vikings fashion, expect them to come through when most have given up. We're taking the Vikings to win and cover at 20 bucks and the over under is 43.5 - going with the over for 30 sawbucks.

I should think the bandwagon will be loading up after Sunday's tilt. SKOL!