The preseason was fun - that Heinicke at QB was something. But time to move on to bigger and better things. Monday night football none the less (queue the music! - ba bump ba ba, ba da, ba da) If that ain't enough to send chills down Skeddy's spine. Time to see Teddy and AP at the same time, which would be more exciting if the O - line wasn't in shambles. Time to see if back ups and a rookie can cut the cake. At least they got some time together in the preseason.

Defensively, the Vikings will have to contain the Niners QB - old Colon Kappernick. I think if they can keep him in the pocket it should be an easy win. If Kappernick does his Steve Young versus Vikings impression - 50 yard rush for TD,running pass the likes of Millard, Jesse Solomon, Joey Browner twice, well then it might be a long night for the purple. Lets hope the Vikings coach, Don Zimmerman, has the defense ready to go. I was hoping to see Kendrick at middle linebacker but Geraldine Hodges gets the nod. Oh well.

Those looking to bet, this is an interesting matchup. Opening week is always tough so be careful. The opening line was Niners by 4 and now it has the Vikings favored by 2.5. That tells me a TON of dough has been placed on the Vikings to win the game, very interesting. We'll start with a 100 clams in the bank for betting purposes and we ain't paying no juice. We're going real conservative and putting the minimum 10 on the Vikings minus the 2.5. Weather predictions have it in the 60's and no rain - with that forecast in mind and the over under at 41.5, we have to go big here. We are putting $40 on the over - no way is this a 21-20 game. I see Vikings putting up at least 30 points and that would mean Kappernick only needs to put up a dozen, that's easy money.

Let's hope the first game doesn't go into OT else we might miss the first part of the Viking's game - the old opening day, MNF doubleheader. BA BUMP BA BA.....BA DA BA DA - Tonight on Monday night football it's Colon Kappernick and his Niners hosting Teddy Bridgewater and the Minnesota Vikings, live from San Francisco! Get the Brain Melt on ice! Get the popcorn ready! This should be fun. BTW - I have the Vikings winning 11 games.