The Purple hit Mankato this weekend and you know what that mean? Back to school shopping and summer is over? No – Heck no! Lots of summer left and as far as school supplies go, just use the leftovers from last year. That glue bottle from last year is at least ¾ full yet. It means keep your daughters away from Mankato and stay away from the fast food joints at night as Corvettes have been known to bounce off the drive thru pillars.

Lots of excitement abound as this might be the year, the year for that first Super Bowl win. (Most Packer fans will never know that feeling – ha ha.) The rookie class is looking good – Diggs at WR, Pruit at TE, and Kendricks at MLB. I have a feeling Kendricks might be the second coming of Jack Del Rio, but not quite in that class of Scott Studstill but the potential is there.

Mike Wallace at WR will be fun to watch – hopefully Teddy has a strong enough arm to get the ball to that speedster. Kalil will be back to form after two knee surgeries. AP will have something to prove and after a year on the shelf should be poised to break the rushing record.

This is going to be a fun year, especially after the Vikings whip the Packers twice. Be prepared for the Packer fans to get personal with remarks like “at least our running back doesn’t use a switch on his kids”. Just respond with two words – Mark Chmura. I can see the Packer fans crying in their Old Milwaukee already.