Big tilt this Sunday - could be the biggest tilt of next year. Next year? Yes, a win could mean playing the Saints & Giants next year and a loss means playing the Bucs and the Redskins.

Draft pick is also on the line - right now it looks to be the number 9 pick and a win could mean about 5 spots higher. Right now the linebacker corp looks very thin, we could see some practice squad guys playing.

Between the Bears giving up and the Vikings trying to throw the game this could look like a bad Pro Bowl game. About the only hope is for Kalil to let Jared Allen get some sacks, which could happen. BTW - good move by the brass to let Jared go. Always tough to let a popular player go who is on the downhill slide but maybe the same will happen this offseason with Greenway. Barr should be the only returning LB starter next year - I look for some moves in the draft and free agency to address the LB issue.