Packer's week! Cripes it's almost over due to the short week. I'll say it again, Thursday night football should be for teams coming out of the bye week. Surprised the player's union hasn't pushed for this, but let's move on.

Teddy looked very good last week but then again the Falcons D-line stinks. The running game came to life, which was highly unexpected and fun to watch. The defense still needs a bunch of work and can't get the other team off the field on 3rd down = no good.

Bank roll is back down to 100 bucks after the big win last week. Rain and thunder tonight so it might be a very sloppy game so the Vikings have a better chance due to that. I do expect the Vikings to have about 3 or 4 turnovers, no matter who the QB is and I would expect Erin Rogers to absolutely shred the Capt'n. Take the whole bank roll and put it on the Packers to cover the 9 nine points.