Big news on the QB front from Winter Park - the resilient McLeod Bethel Thompson has been resigned. Just too bad there isn't a defensive guy named Hugh, and if there was and if he tackled McLeod in practice one could spin into.......Hey hey Hugh Hugh, get off of McLeod.

And then there is OH no but oh yes, the injury bug has hit. Nothing against Cassel but it's going to be fun to watch Teddy. He actually didn't look too bad last week, actually didn't looked scared a bit. But no running game - oh my.

Now for the bet - gut feeling Vikings plus the 2 (home dog?). The Falcons have like 3 sacks all year. Reality - the Vikes have no run game, no pro bowl tight end, no starting right guard, left tackle looks like horse apples, Greenway with bad ribs (probably won't play, the Sheriff is dinged up, one corner is dinged up and a rookie QB. Taking half the pot and betting $100 on the favored Falcons.