It should be a fun game to watch this Sunday with a couple of the greatest football minds matching wits - Billicheck's defense versus Norm's offense - this should be a real chest match. Past matches has Billicheck winning 10 out of 12. Take that and couple it with the fact the Pats are 13 and 1 coming out of a loss, use Henderson math and it looks like an 11.5% chance the Vikings win. (So you're saying there's a chance?!)

Another fun thing to watch will be Goldy, being it's a home game at the U, I'm sure our favorite Gopher will have the crowd just a buzzin'. Off topic, not sure why the Vikings couldn't just call that stadium home is beyond me. Watching the Arizona Cardinals play Monday night it looks like they have a good thing going there with the local college, University of Phoenix, as they both share the same field, but enough stadium talk.

The other thing to watch will be how the Vikings defense matches up to the Pats' offense, Billicheck is all about mismatches so I expect a lot of 4 and 5 wide to exploit the Vikings defensive backfield. The D line will have to have a great game for any chance of a win. If the Sheriff and Xavier don't play it might not end well for the Purple.

On the betting side, those that followed my betting advice last week and took their $100 betting roll and laid it all on the Vikings now have $200 in their pocket. Pats are favored by 3 so take 50% of that and bet it on the Vikings to cover.

I wonder whose chest looks better - Billicheck's or Norm's?