Nice win by the purple this past Sunday - a road win none the less. Offensively it was nice to see them get Corduroy Patterson involved more in the offense than the past regime, but I was expecting a little more from Norm Turner (Norm!). I don't know that one should get too excited with Cassel at QB as it will be one good game and a couple bad, or vice versa, he is very inconsistent. At some point Teddy will probably make an appearance - the sooner the better.

Defensively it was nice to see an aggressive defense versus the ol' Cover 2. The defensive line looked pretty good which helped get the interceptions.

Special teams looked pretty good minus the blocker on the punt return that blocked the guy into 35. It looked like 35 might not ever get back up - jeepers. The most concerning point was how the clown jumped around after the flag was picked up, like he just won the Super Bowl. I was really hoping a Viking would have walked up to him and pointed to the scoreboard. Anytime a team has players more concerned about one individual play, than they are about the score, are in for a long season. With that said and the QB situation in St. Louis, they might be lucky to win one single game.