Wowser - lots of free agency moves by the Vikings. First and foremost, very interesting that Jared Allen, Kevin Williams, and the LB's (Desmond Bishop, Erin Henderson, and Marvin Mitchell) haven't got any suitors yet. Probably explains why the defense stunk.

Linval Joseph was a good move and it looks like the DL is pretty much set. The signing of The Captain (RRRrrrrrr!) was a nice move to bolster the defensive backfield. Interesting that the signing of Derek Fox has been under the radar. Hopefully it spells the end of AJ Jefferson - that was tough to watch.

Matt Cassel signs back up (yawn) and Jerome Homer Simpson too - should be interesting what Norm Turner can do with that. Finally, it's looking like the Vikings are lining themselves up for a LB with their first pick in the draft as it appears they are looking at what the top picks will be and are signing those position players as free agents so they can get the best LB in the draft. Look for them to build a strong defense this year and then work on the offense next year.