Didn't Audie Cole come back into the picture when Erin Henderson got into trouble with the law so they needed to bring in another LB? Marvin "Gonna Make Lotsa Noise After I Tackle A Guy 15yds Downfield Guy" Mitchell (#55) didn't see too much action later on either. Or did he?

As far as Leslie Nielsen being let go. All we heard was how much the players loved playing for him and they never quit with him at the helm. Isn't that what you're looking for in a head coach? Should they have considered firing defensive coordinator Alan Williams instead? That being said, Leslie did bring Williams in so in essence blame can partially be put on the head coach for that move.

Speaking of the defense, a few stops on their side of the ball this season and we may have won this crappy NFC Norris division. Thus delaying the demise of the big inflatable toilet known as the Metrodome, albeit for at least one more week.