Looking back, it makes one wonder why Josh Freeman was ever brought on board for 2 million dollars. I can understand taking a look at the guy but they did so after he was here 4 days. Why wouldn't one run him out there at the end of the year?

Another head scratcher was how Audie Cole was cut and resigned, hardly plays and then goes to starting MLB. The linebackers were brutal and whoever thought the three that started the year were NFL caliber should never coach again in the NFL - which might have been Mike Singltary. Greenway had a broken wrist but the other two were horrible.

Courdoroy Patterson showed his game changing skills in the first game but yet he in only in there for maybe half the plays all year, and he hardly touches the ball, terrible. Heck, he single handily beat the Lions in the last game. Just the threat of him busting a big play should result in him being on the field for just about every play.

The defensive line was way below average and there will be lots of holes to fill just there. With playing home games outdoors at TCF stadium there will need to be a major overhaul there as the D line stunk up the place playing outside in the elements.

I would guess Spielman is selling the Wilfs that it will be a rebuilding project targeting the 2016 season as when the playoff push will start, opening season for the new stadium. By then AP will be washed up and the Vikings still won't have a QB. A good NFL team needs a top 10 QB, maybe the Vikings can sign Phillip Rivers or Jay Cutler. I wonder if Tommy Kramer has any sons?

Fire Speilman!