JEEPERS - with the win Sunday over the NFC East leading Eagles the Vikes go from having the #3 pick in the draft to #8 now. So much for a franchise QB. (BTW - Big Al says sign Phillip Rivers and draft a defensive linemen) Cassel looked like Tommy Kramer (best Vikings QB ever) and 44 looked like Chuck Foreman - no no no, not his 2 yard average the number on his back. There ought to be a rule against giving 44 to anyone on offense.

Sunday's tilt against the AFC North leading Bengals will be an interesting matchup. Andy Dalton, the Red Rifle, will be looking to make some big plays with AJ Green. Anytime you mix Red and Green it's like Christmas. No pass rush from the Vikings (playing outside in the cold) will make for some big offensive output. If Cassel can do his Tommy Kramer impersonation (highly doubtful) it could be a 41 to 40 type game. I don't expect a Vikings win as they always do just enough to screw it up, which is what the win last Sunday did.

Fire Speilman.