Vikings release AJ Jefferson after he lands in jail for domestic assault charges. If it's Chris Cook they can keep him when he is charged but I guess AJ isn't good enough. Oh well, hopefully the domestic partner is OK.

Rewinding to Sunday's game - what a thriller. I really appreciate a good tied game in the NFL - just because it's such an oddity. Word has it some of the Packers were waiting for the second quarter of OT to kick in - still might be waiting. They must have gone to Syracuse like Donavan McNugget - stupid Syracuse.

And leave it to Pounder to screw things up, what with his QB rating of 110 he does everything he can to kick the Vikings out of the top pick in the NFL draft, and he just might have. Thankfully some of the WR's dropped some balls and the defense went into sieve mode to keep the Vikings from winning. A loss would have been better but at least it wasn't a win. And the beauty of the tie is that there will probably be no (rigged) coin flip to decide where the Vikings draft.