How sad and pathetic was it when you heard the chant "Go Pack Go" as the Rogers led machine marched down the field? Then, A-Rog actually had to motion to the cheesehead sportin' fans from the east to quiet down so they could run their next successful 3rd down conversion. Or was it 4th down? Doesn't matter it all worked. In fact punter guy never made it on the field. Oh wait I believe he kicks off too. Nevermind.

You can't keep telling us you need to work to correct the mistakes because even if you do, you're still not good enough to compete. How do you correct lack of talent?

Jared Allen was shut out on defense. Meaning he had no sacks or tackles. He was quoted after the game saying this is the worst defense he's been a part of or something to that effect. Look in the mirror buddy.

Fire them all.