At this point, I think we all need to reassess just exactly what we, as fans, look to get out of watching the Vikings play football. It all boils down to entertainment. And we have to ask ourselves, "were we not entertained?" I was. Like rubber necking a car accident on a highway, our inner interests in the macabre take over.

As former stalwart Viking head coach Mike Tice once said, "ENJOY..the season."

side note on in season firings: I don't think anything will change til after the season is done. Zygmunt will be looking for new hires during the offseason, and any prospective candidates will be leery of job security if The Zyg is known for firing two coaches midseason one year after making playoff appearances (Childress, then Frazier).

*disclaimer: the above side note is what I think SHOULD happen, not what The Zygster WILL do. As we know with the Vikings, things can escalate quickly (Favre signing, Childress firing, Freeman signing)

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