Whoever thought this linebacker corp was NFL starting material needs to be fired today. The defense can't get anyone off the field. Freeman looks like heck and the response is poor mechanics. What? A guy that's been in the NFL for a few years still needs to work on mechanics? That should be worked on closer to junior high than NFL time. Whoever thought that guy was worth a few million needs to be fired today also. I'm glad Pounder decided he needed to be more vocal in the huddle - that was a big help and some great self appraisal. Very smart guy.

Trade all the old guys that have value and then clean house. Fire Frazier today. Wait,problem is that if Frazier is fired who coaches? Singletary? He should be fired today if not yesterday. Peter Musgraves? The defensive coordinator? (Nobody knows his name because he doesn't want it out there.) I'm thinking Frazier looked long and hard for guys with lower football IQ's than his so he didn't look like biggest goof on the sideline. Fire Speilman today. Fire Everyone!