Things aren't as bad as they seem, a couple of plays here or there and things could be different. For example, 33 drops an interception at the beginning of the game and had he made that catch, well Carolina only scores 28 points and has one less 80 plus yard drive.

Big tilt Sunday and Freeman will start. How exciting is that? Yes, the 0 and 6 Giants are favored by 3 but heck, they have Manning at QB. Hopefully the Vikings don't blow it, because if they can manage a loss and tie the Giants' record at the end of the year with a 1 and 15 record - guess what? That's right, #1 pick is coming the Vikings way.

I can see Camel writing Freeman on athletic tape and covering Harvin with it on his jersey. I'll look for him at the Roadhaus. I hope he brings the tape, Skeddy may need to tape his wrists.