Enough about Camel and his hangouts, one would hate to have the site police (Jeff) get salty about going off topic. BTW - rumor has it he is on a metrosexual vacation, you know, the day starts with a 5 dollar latte and ends with a 15 dollar martini.

Lost in all the Vikings' hoopla and hysteria is Bethel McLeod (the former 3rd string QB and future all star), in case you missed it he got the ax to make room for Freeman and McLeod is now a 49er. What a dumb move by the Vikings brass, they should have cut Pounder instead. Mark my words, Bethel will be the next Tyler Thigpen. If you will remember, Chilli tried to sneak Pigpen through to the practice squad too and we all know how great of a QB he turned out to be. And coincidentally, the rise of Pigpen was the demise of Chilli - some eery foreshadowing is unfolded before our very eyes.