Alright - enough bitter banter that's rooted in fantasy football. (OK - I find it entertaining.) Last week was a real eye opener. First off, again Camel hits the main problem again, special teams. Two weeks in a row they look terrible - fire the special teams coach now. The Browns were ready to roll over and die so they start rolling the dice in some high stakes gambling and they win.

The defense looks good some drives and absolutely horrible on others. Tough to read but Bishop played a few snaps and made his presence be known. How he isn't starting is a mystery. A.J. Jeffers needs to go - he couldn't cover Bnag (today's Bnag and not the slot receiver that tore up the Minnesota River conference). Markus Scherels (Rochester's finest) rarely plays DB and is forced into the game as a 3rd choice at DB and lights up the place. The Browns actually stop throwing his way. Not sure what the defensive coaches know about talent, which was real obvious last week.

The offensive line looks terrible - evident by Pounder having some ribs that are pounding, poor fella. Tough to know what is wrong there as last year they were pretty good and nothing has change and now they stink. The suspended FB, Felton comes back this Sunday and it will be interesting how that changes things, if at all besides one less friend to have a smoke with.

Play calling was the usual. If the QB is under center, run. When behind, pass on first down and run second down. Towards the end of the game, the bubble screen to Simpson when in a three wide works great. Why there isn't more of that, especially with Colatteral Patterson is another play calling mystery. Fire Bob Schnelker.

The pick: tough week last week as the winnings from the first two weeks went up in smoke via special teams play. Earlier this week, the spread was about 1/2 point to pick 'em to now anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3. Tom Brady is saying his old buddy Matthew Howard Cassel will be starting, which is probably true when looking at the spread. Two teams with their backs against the wall, something has to give and it's going to be the Vikings DB's. Put your money on the Steelers favored by 3. Plus when you pair Big Ben with Big Ben, you can't fight fate. Put another shrimp on the barbie! (I always love that one - must be lots of shrimp in England.)