Ok, I'm over it.

Look for the Steel guys of Pittsburgh to get off the schnide, whatever that may actually be. Right now, both teams are firmly planted on the schnide, but one of them HAS to get off. We can then crown the Vikings "Kings Of The Schnide." I think there's a couple 2-3 other teams that are winless, but tough petunias....we're taking this one by golly.

Fantasy Feetsball is not going too swell for team "Air Ditka" this year. Even after stealing Peyton Manning in the 5th round, the Air Ditka's are sitting at 1 win and two losses. That'll happen when you draft running backs who can't seem to tie their cleats without pulling a muscle, or gland, or inner organ of some sort. Circling the wagons. Backed into a corner. Wounded animal.