Okay fine this is "Vikings Talk" after all. Right now I'm settling for 4-0 instead of 0-3 because I enjoy it when our team wins. Even games that were s'posed to win. Like that recent game between the Vikes and Browns. Oh wait Cleveland won never mind. I'll always watch because it's just as entertaining watching them blunder repeatedly as it is almost making the Super Bowl. It's man's version of Days Of Our Lives!!

One good thing about the Gophers is that they don't play at the same time as the Vikes. Thus allowing me to watch both of them. So when our beloved Vikes do make that run to the big game in a couple years I'll still be able to watch. Only cuz the Bluebonnet Bowl will have been played a month and a half earlier. A doy doy!

Do you think the Vikings will be able to watch the Gophers/Iowa game on Saturday while in London? I'll hang up and listen.