Very entertaining game last Sunday and one couldn't ask for more. Pounder is coming along and looks like he has some things working with Jennings and Simpson, minus the one play when Simpson gave up on the pick six Ponder threw. Simpson looked like the kickoff team on that play - no desire. Besides that throw, lots of nice passes by the Pounder, throwing it in there in some real tight spots. The Vikings win the game if Gary Wright makes the catch on the goal line. The next game will show if the Love Is Alive for that Dream Weaver, I'm not so sure.

Linebacker play was horrible - as referenced above by Camel on the 1st and 20 at game's end. Any team that does that deserves to lose. A little lesson in building a team here, start on the D line, then linebackers and finally the DB's. The Vikings would have been better off drafting the crazy Polynesian with the fake girlfriend than the DB they chose. It's time to play Bishop as he can't be any worse than what we have seen. Besides, anytime you can get Harrison Ford, a Bishop, and The Sheriff all working together you've got a blockbuster.

The offense looks very vanilla and I thought it funny Billick tried covering for the offensive coordinator Peter Musgraves, saying how good of a job he did. Pppfffffttttt. Every run goes up the middle, not one off tackle or one toss sweep. Colatteral Patterson certainly has some football skills as the opening kickoff return showed and how he isn't included in the game plan is very perplexing. Horrible offensive game planning.

Moving forward. The Browns come in fresh off a very weird week were they trade their starting RB who was their best offensive player. Their no. 1 QB is hurt and they announce they are going to start their no. 3 guy. What? This no. 3 guy isn't a pushover, probably a no. 2 on most teams so I look for him to throw for around 300 yards. The Browns do have a good rush defense which will create some interesting match-ups.

The Pick: Look for the Vikings offense to have a big game and expect some of the Browns to rollover since the trade of their RB, a locker room favorite. The Vikings will win big so take the money made from the last two picks here and bet it all on the Vikings, who are favored by 7.