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Question for Norton and BNag -

With the Bears facing a 1st and 20 on their final drive, they threw a pass to a wide open #83 (Bennett) in the left flat that resulted in a 23 yard gain and left 29 seconds on the clock. With 16 seconds left the Bears were in a similar formation, members of the Vikings defense were scratching their heads and wondering what was going on, and were clearly confused. This was confirmed by linebacker guy Henderson, and today by your head Coach during his most confusing press conference. Also, there is a piece in one of the Metro daily newspaper in which Bears quarterback Cutler recognized the Vikings defense on that play, and he could hardly keep from salvitating because he knew the Vikings were in deep doo doo.

Why wouldn't your team call a time out in that situation, considering you had your full assembly of time outs remaining, that being three? Considering the game was on the line, and there appeared to be a great deal of confusion, and you had just been burned for 23 yards just a couple plays earlier on FIRST AND TWENTY, should we have used one of our three time outs?

I'll hang up and listen.

"Not sure on that...gonna have to check the tape. Moving forward, that's something we might consider. But as of now, again, I'll have to see what happened on the game film. Moving forward."