Big tilt this Sunday in the motor city, in fact I would even go so far as to say the biggest game of the year so far. Backs against the wall, do or die, and get 'er done. (OK that might have been a stretch). I look for the Lions QB Fred Sanford to torch the Vikes for at least 6 TD's and the D line of the Lions will give the Vikings fits all game long. (Fits?) Lions favored by 5 points, take the Lions.

The big question going into the season - will Pounder develop into a better QB? I don't see it to be honest, towards the end of last season he did enough to win but his play needs to get a lot better and until he shows it, don't expect it. If fact, I look for Howard Cassel to be the starting QB around week 6 or 7.

Can AP and the offensive line stay healthy all year? Last season they all played in every game and one really shouldn't expect that this year. With the Vikes snapping up a lineman that was cut from the Bears it shows they are not real pleased with the backups for the O-line. Any hiccup along the way there will be a disaster.

The receiving group has some decent players, not sure if any of them are the game breaker like Percy was, but then again none are probably the head case he was either. Bottom line - if the QB is sailing the throws high look for some disgruntled receivers. Although, they can't get any worse at getting open than last year.

The D line is probably getting a little long in the tooth and don't expect Kevin Williams or Jared Allen to be any better than they have been in the past. The Williams leg injury is bigger than they are letting on to which means The Sheriff will get some major playing time. There's probably a reason why he dropped so far in the first round and first year D tackles don't exactly light up the place unless of course their dad named them Sue.

Besides Greenway, the whole linebacker crew would be backups at best on most teams. The middle linebacker position will be something to watch - I don't have much faith.

The D backs are a mixed lot. Chris Cook and Harrison Ford are probably above average but Josh Robinson reminds me more of Mrs. Robinson than Antonio Winfield. Where Xavier falls into place here will be something to watch - nothing too impressive in the preseason out of the kid but maybe he wasn't really trying.

Overall, I'm thinking this is the year the Vikings finally put it all together and win the Super Bowl. Well, either them or the Broncos.