Cassel (Howard?) looked real good and will be the starter by game 7 after a 2 and 5 start. The MLB is real weak so K. Williams and Fred Evans will have to have a good year. The new Sheriff didn't impress me much. Colatteral Patterson made some plays but his hands look more like Quadry Ismael than Chris Carter. Hard to get a read on Pounder as he had three plays. They said it was going to be one series whether it was 3 plays or 7 minutes - there is no logic in that, very Denny Green like which shows the coaching staff is regressing. One thing they do have going this training camp is not a lot of press besides Jennings (Peter?) spouting off about his old team the Packers. Save the trash for Packers' week, I'm thinking he might have been brainwashed, which was probably a quick wash as there doesn't seem to be a lot there.

Right now I'm thinking 8 and 8 but after I get a haircut I'll know more.